Ukrainian refugees – Lübeck, Germany

Some of the first new meditators introduced in Lübeck
Group meditation in Lübeck
During a lecture in Lübeck

In the meantime, numerous Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Germany. TM can help them to better process their partly traumatic experiences.

In Lübeck, a team of German TM teachers led by Stefan Kauerz with the support of Dr. Mykola Didukh, Ukrainian TM teacher and psychologist, has made it their task to provide Ukrainians with access to TM in Germany. Likewise, introductions have already been held in Sundern and Attendorn, coordinated by Maria Stücken and Frank Lotz.

TM introductions in 2022 through the Foundation: 84

TM introductions in 2023 (until July): 20

The Group in Sundern/Attendorn