TM was first introduced in Palestine in 2008 by Drs. Kingsley and Leslie Brooks, International Directors for the Palestinian Territory. During the following 10 years, TM teachers from Ireland, New Zealand, and Belgium visited Palestine teaching TM to 700 Palestinians. A major milestone in offering TM to Palestinians was in 2017 when a TM Center was opened in the West Bank, by the first Palestinian TM teacher, Mrs. Basma Abu Swai. The center was registered as a non-profit organization and another 300 Palestinians were taught TM by Mrs. Abu Swai. Mrs Abu Swai recently relocated and renovated an office space in the lively city center of Ramallah and Albireh in the West Bank—thanks to the generous support of the global TM family. The goal of TM center in Palestine is to reach out to a broader spectrum of the Palestinians, who are in dire need of our support considering the significant stress they suffer emerging from political occupation, poor economic conditions, and strenuous social life.

Gruppe von TM-Meditierenden mit Basma Abu Sway während eines Vortrags
Group of TM meditators with Basma Abu Sway during a lecture

This October, 2023 we plan to hold a TM-Sidhis course to prepare for the upcoming “10,000 course” in India, December 2023. Financial support is constantly needed to offer TM scholarships to those who cannot afford to pay for TM and who suffer from PTSD. We also hope to offer scholarships for those TM Meditators who would like to participate in the advanced TM-Sidhi program. We thank you in advance for your consideration in helping the Palestinian people to enjoy peace of mind and comfort of heart.

Palestine New TM center in a very active location at the center of the City of Ramallah.
Group of meditators in addition to other guest attending the soft opening of our new TM center.
Ladies from the city of Nablus who learned TM few months ago.
Group of meditators during group checking session in preparation for the CIC course.
TM meditators with Basma Abu Sway, National Director and certified TM teacher.